STYLE GURU BIO: Simek Shropshire

My name is Simek Shropshire, and I’m an Art History and English double major who will be bringing you the latest trends from Fordham University. With New York City as my backdrop, I am excited to provide snapshots of fashionable Fordham students who incorporate big city fashions into their daily wear. With one semester of interning for CollegeFashionista under my bet, I am even more ecstatic to return to my position as Style Guru.

As a rising junior, life has suddenly become “real.” While graduation is an entire two years away, my classmates and I are beginning to feel the push for internships at major corporations in Manhattan, apartment hunting and the struggle of cooking our first meals without burning down the building (I write after I unintentionally left my stove on for half of the day). Social lives will now be managed alongside academics, work and prospective study abroad plans. Life is nothing short of insane, yet it is still oh-so sweet.

In response to my hectic schedule, my style has taken on more refined and relaxed tastes. I no longer spend as much time putting together the so-called “perfect” outfit (unless I’m headed to my internship at Harper’s Bazaar, then that’s a different story), but instead favor tried-and-true ensembles that I can always count on for style and comfort. Fashion has become less about quantity and more about quality. In the look I’m sporting for this piece, I’m wearing my mom’s chambray button-down from the ‘90s and classic gold jewelry that was purchased from street vendors; all pieces that are versatile enough for at least five outfits. Scouting the aisles, I tend to drift toward clean-cut styles and softer patterns that allow for experimentation and versatility across many trends, such as preppy and boho. While it is a thrill to buy a new pair of silk pants from Comptoir Des Cotonniers down in the West Village and channel Clemence Poesy, I’ve begun to realize that such a spur of the moment purchase may not always be practical in comparison to a timeless nude pump.
Over the next semester, I will feature young women and men who not only shine in their outward appearances, but who are bold enough to stand out from the crowd. Fordham students are multifaceted; on any typical day you can find a student tossing a football on the campus lawn and later find that same student adorning a vintage Brooks Brothers blazer in class. One of our Jesuit mottos is to “Go forth and set the world on fire,” and that is precisely what we like to do here in the Bronx.