STYLE GURU BIO: Sierra Stridiron

Hello, everyone! I’m Sierra Stridiron and I am going to be a Style Guru this semester! *Cue confetti* I’m a computer science major and am finishing my sophomore year at Monmouth University.

I have to say, this is a little different than the usual audience I use this keyboard to communicate with. You see, I’m a Fashion and Lifestyle blogger. You can check me out on my blog Born in the Know. I love blogging because it’s a perfect combination of all my interests: fashion, coding, photography, journalism and graphic design. Plus, I get to pretend like I’m a fashion editor for a big magazine (#Goals). In case you haven’t figured it out yet, I’m obsessed with magazines. I mean if I’m not reading one, I’m on good ol’ “Snappychat” posting pics (you can follow me @Sierra8862 a.k.a born_intheknow). Speaking of taking photos, let’s start getting into my style profile, shall we?

Growing up I didn’t have a lot of resources available to me to pursue my interests in fashion. I’ve gone to charter schools with uniforms my entire life. So I never really got to express myself in the form of clothing like I always wanted. Most would think that must mean I have no sense of style, but that’s quite the opposite. My style has evolved over time because of my limited access to clothes.

I’ve been molded into the type of Fashionista with a uniform—I told you, I’ve worn uniforms all of my life! I have style staples that you simply never see me without and I’ve learned the difference between low-quality materials typically found at fast fashion retailers and high-quality materials that’ll last long and are worth the investment. And as a result, I’ve learned what is the best use of money when you’re low on funds, which seems to be all of the time for me!

So, what are those style staples I mentioned before? Well, they usually include my L.L.Bean puffer coat with a removable fur-lined hood (perfect for fall, winter and spring), my Coach satchel bag and an awesome seasonal accessory like my sparkly wool infinity scarf. Typically, I’m in muted colors for summer and spring, and I tend towards color during autumn and winter. For example, this fit-and-flare dress I’m wearing to a Christmas party from Express—one of my go-to stores. I love the pairing of this little red dress with my coat because both have an A-lined shape that complement each other.

I’m looking forward to posting for CollegeFashionista. This is the next step in reaching my goals as far as a career in fashion. I have a feeling I’ll be writing for a big fashion magazine in no time.