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STYLE GURU BIO: Sierra Cortner

January 8th, 2016 at 2:00am

Although I am spending this holiday in Nashville, I study at Atlanta’s Emory University. Here I double major in English and international studies with a concentration in British literature and Western European politics. I am most excited for this upcoming semester since it entails taking an English course on the politics of hip-hop and interning at Edgewood’s contemporary art gallery, Whitespace. Altogether, I plan for my college experience to prepare me for the multifaceted nature of the fashion industry: the writing, the aesthetics and—most importantly—the confidence needed to succeed. Part of this means scoring the coveted summer internship between junior and senior years.

It’s that season again. Sorry, Santa—reality takes priority right now. This holiday equates to hours on the Mac crafting the perfect cover letter and résumé to land an editorial, PR or curating internship in New York City. What better way to see if the city is the right fit for you than spending a summer near Washington Square as an intern for one of your favorite labels? If Emory has taught me anything it is this: prepare for the life you eventually want. Dress the part. Act the part. Intern the part so that you can eventually live the part.

If you need quick inspiration for your first internship outfit, I have you covered. Harem pants are ideal for their comfort and youthful twist on the editorial trouser. Partner these with a loud belt to accentuate the high waistline and help transition to a solid, minimalistic crop top. Finally, pull the look together with a sheer button-down that you can drape over your shoulders while at headquarters. An oversized pair of sunglasses will complement your look when you venture out on errands in the New York hustle.

While perusing the local coffee shop (Adele’s “Hello” was actually directed toward coffee shop free wifi, you know), take the time to clean up your cover letter and résumé for those spring and summer internships. After all, the world has always been ours—why not start now?