STYLE GURU BIO: Shireen Mohyi

Hello hello! My name is Shireen Mohyi. I’m currently a senior at Michigan State University, and I’m majoring in editorial journalism and minoring in public relations. This is my last semester of college and my first semester writing for CollegeFashionista, so it is a pretty exciting time. My plans after graduation? To live and work in New York, ideally at a women’s fashion and lifestyle magazine (but I’m not going to say no to anything that comes my way).

Though I would never call myself much of a “girly-girl,” my interests would definitely categorize me as one. I’ve always been very passionate about a powerful outfit and a flawless face of makeup. I live and breathe for pop culture and it’s impact on society, music, art and fashion. If I’m not trolling the web for the the latest beauty hacks or fashion trends, I’m studying up on celebrity gossip like my life depends on it.

I’m also obsessed with social media (but aren’t we all?)—I always say Instagram is my favorite game on my phone. Nothing satisfies me more than a quality IG post. Instagram is also one of my main sources of my beauty and fashion inspo. From fashion superstars like Bella Hadid to stylish college students I’ve never met, the list is never-ending.

I’m definitely one to stay on top of trends, but I like to incorporate my own personal flair into everything. Right now, I’m really into choker necklaces. I just got this tribal-inspired choker from Forever 21 and am in love. Though if you can count on me to be wearing anything, it’s at least one piece of black clothing. I refuse to leave the house if I’m not wearing one element of black. My two everlasting favorites are my Nine West black leather booties and my black MANGO tote bag. No matter the season, no matter the event, I can always count on those two pieces to tie my look together.

Overall, I like to keep my style contemporary and minimal, but with an added edge. Fashion is the best way to make a statement without speaking. I also firmly believe there is no such thing as overdressing—wear whatever you want, feel your best and let yourself be known.

With that all being said, I can’t wait to share the semester with you fellow Fashionistas/os!