STYLE GURU BIO: Shelby Sperlich

September 4th, 2015 at 2:00am

Hi there, Fashionista’s! My name is Shelby Sperlich. This Fall, I am a junior at Iowa State University pursuing a double major in Marketing and Apparel Merchandise. Yes, Iowa State is not just cornfields; we have a love fashion too! I do have quite the travel bug as well; this summer I spent seven weeks in Europe traveling and doing a study abroad program. I crossed one major thing off my bucket list, paragliding in the Swiss Alps, which was amazing! I have a love for being outside and going on my next adventure. I have a horrible addiction to ice cream that hurts my bank account, along with Netflix. My family and friends mean everything to me.

Since I was young, I have always loved fashion, I was always dressing my dolls, making new clothes for them, sketching and playing dress up with my mom’s clothes. In high school, I became obsessed with Pinterest. But, it wasn’t until my freshman year during my second semester that I decided to make my passion my career. Now, I actually look forward to going to class and learning. I’m thrilled to have this opportunity with CollegeFashionista to share this passion with all of you, can’t wait to see where this semester goes!

My personal style is a more of a casual look with classic pieces. Since coming to college my look has matured and while I still do love trendy pieces, I have an eye for more versatile items nowadays. I love my boyfriend jeans and practically live in them. I also have been made fun of by my friends for how much black I wear, but hey it goes with everything. Lately I’ve been trying to add more colors into my wardrobe, like this tank top from Forever 21 now on sale for six dollars. Can you say score? I love, love, love finding things on sale, but am known to splurge on everyday items like watches and my Ray-Bans always in tow. Living on a college students budget Nordstrom Rack might be my best friend.