STYLE GURU BIO: Shayina Dubuisson

Hey College Fashionista, my name is Shayina (Shy-e-na) Dubuisson, but I like to be called Shy. I’m twenty years old and I attend New York City College of Technology. I was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY in a Haitian descent household. My mom and dad were born and raised in Port-au-Prince, Haiti and they moved to the United States in their teens. Growing up my parents were very strict and very religious. I always been that wired girl with the creative ideas and wanted to pursue a career in fashion designing, but typical Haitian parents wants their children to have careers in the medical field, Criminal Justice, Human Resources, and Education etc. Being creative and wanting to pursue a career in Fashion kind of was a burden for me and it still is now. My dad wants me to become a teacher because he thinks I want to become a seamstress because I’m always sewing something on my sewing machine. But I really want to become a Stylist, Visual Merchandiser, or a Merchandiser, because I feel like I’m really good at putting clothing pieces together. I also have a YouTube account where I give my opinions and thoughts on make-up, music videos, and fashion tips.

            I like to sew and create tote bags and clutches. I’m still learning how to sew in a perfect straight line. I never knew something that sounded so easy could be so difficult. I learned how to use the sewing machine last year at Moods Fabrics which is a fabric store located on 36th street in Manhattan and it was free sewing classes for six weeks. They were the ones who thought me how to make my first tote bag. They thought me techniques such as: operating the sewing machine, cutting, pressing, double stitching, and following the seam guide. They were a big a help and I’m going back to take more classes.

            I have different types of fashion looks, depending how I’m feeling is the way I will dress for the day. Sometimes my style is very tomboyish, sometimes I want the Manhattan girl look with the booties and the waterfall coat, and sometimes I mix both of those look into one because I’m wired.  In the outfit that I am wearing in the photos above: black turtleneck from Uniqlo, black studded high waisted jeans from urban outfitters, brown waterfall jacket from, and black blocked chelsea boots from express. The one thing that I switch up every often is my hair. I can never have the same hairstyle for more than 2 months. I’m always getting braids, cornrows, weaves and sometimes I have it in a curly Mohawk. I love wearing chockers, hoop earrings, cute retro sunglasses/glasses, rings and bracelets.

             I never pictured myself doing YouTube videos, blogging, designing handbags, and being creative. Overall if it wasn’t for my parents, my major in school would have still been in Human Resources.