September 2nd, 2016 at 2:00am

Happy fall everyone! My name is Shauna Ryan, I am currently a junior at SUNY Oneonta involved in the 3+1 program with the Fashion Institute of Technology. These past two years have been great, and I am hoping my last year here will be just as exciting. I am getting ready to start applying to FIT and I couldn’t be more excited, nervous and happy at the same time. I have grown to realize I have made the right decision in studying fashion merchandising. I could not imagine studying anything else and I look forward to finishing out my studies and exploring new paths on my journey. This will be my second semester contributing to the CollegeFashionista world and I couldn’t be more excited to capture some great fall looks on and around the SUNY Oneonta campus.

While at school, I am involved in the Student Fashion Society holding an E-board position as set designer. In addition to fashion, another hobby of mine is music. To stay involved with music, I am also a member of the Drag’n Rolls Drumline at SUNY Oneonta. I will soon begin a new job at the mall here in Oneonta, getting back into retail at Maurice’s women’s clothing store.

As far as my style goes, I have always had a hard time putting a label on it. What I wear definitely depends on my mood, and I have pieces that could be from numerous style categories. I range from sporty to grunge to preppy to boho. I’m not confined to one particular style. However, I would have to say boho-chic catches my eye the most.

What I chose to show off in this post is a classic lace black top, light denim flare jeans from Blank NYC and sleek black accessories. Starting off the new school year is always a great time, although the weather may be a bit confusing. Dressing for the summer heat and that cool fall breeze can be a challenge, but this outfit combo works pretty well. Big floppy hats are always a hit in the fall. Off-the-shoulder tops keep things cool and chic, and who doesn’t love to wear something bold like these jeans and catching those eyes. Adding simple black and silver accessories like a watch, a few bracelets and rings to any outfit helps dress things up just a bit more.

I am really looking forward to capturing the looks of great Fashionista/os in their cool fall styles, and working with all the wonderful people associated with CollegeFashionista.