STYLE GURU BIO: Sharilynn Brown

STYLE GURU BIO: Sharilynn Brown

A lot has changed since I first moved into Roger Williams University as a freshman, both related to my personal style and otherwise. Fast forward three years and here I am, preparing to begin my senior year (don’t remind me how fast its going to go by, I already know). I am currently an overall happier, more confident and better rounded individual than I was when I began college. I tend to dress for myself rather than to impress others and I’ve discovered the importance of comfort and practicality in addition to style.

I am what some might call “over-involved.” I have a variety of very different commitments both on and off campus that keep me very busy every day of the year. As a result, although I do appreciate the occasional excuse to get dressed to the nines, I’ve realized that putting together comfortable, every day outfits that still make a statement is a talent not to be overlooked.

My recent obsession to accomplish this type of ensemble is the bralette. Good bralettes are not only 1000 times more comfortable than regular bras, but they’re also adorable and socially acceptable and even fashionable to have exposed. The details of a lace or thick-banded bralette can act as an accessory without the struggle of trying to remember or have to carry around one more thing. Pair a lacy bralette with a floral crop top and you’re good to go.

The next thing that I’m all about are functional accessories like my Fitbit Blaze. It may look like just any other super fashionable, high-tech watch, but in reality it’s so much more than that. For someone like myself who is passionate about health and fitness, a fitness tracker is essential; it allows me to track my workouts and overall activity throughout the day, keeping me on track. The Blaze was the perfect option for me because it has all the benefits of a traditional fitness tracker with the benefit of a much more attractive appearance.

In addition to my lace bralette, floral crop top and Fitbit I chose to wear a pair of brightly colored shorts and a pair of metallic, slip-on sneakers (can you tell I like bold, statement pieces?) If I were going out somewhere a little more special, I would add a solid colored statement necklace to complete this look.

Now that you know all about my personal style I can’t wait to learn about yours—looking forward to a #RAD semester!