STYLE GURU BIO: Sharilynn Brown

September 4th, 2015 at 2:00am

I have quite the diverse array of interests and hobbies if I do say so myself; however, I always seem to find fashion as the one that remains constant among them all. At any given point in a day you may see me walking (certainly not running, as Fat Amy says, “don’t put me down for cardio”) to the gym in my animal print Nike’s, heading to an event for my university’s Public Relations Student Society of America chapter in my Steve Madden pumps or simply between classes dressed in whatever reflects my mood when I wake up that day.

For some people fashion is black and white, preppy or boho, etc. I have never been one of those people. Just as I have a wide variety of things that I enjoy, I also have a wide variety of styles. One day I might feel like rocking a T-Shirt dress with combat boots and knee-high socks, and others I may feel like I did when I chose this outfit, all about bright colors and bows. The combination of an off the shoulder top, high-waisted shorts with a bold print and feminine accessories was perfect for a casual, yet cute walk in the woods.

I gain inspiration for my eclectic style not only from media and runway shows, but more importantly I find inspiration in the things that I do, the places that I visit and the people that I meet. An individual’s personal style can provide an inside look at who they are, simultaneously revealing both differences and commonalities. My favorite thing about CollegeFashionista is that each semester I’m able to adopt new looks and trends that I’d never previously considered and get to know the individuals who inspired them in the process.

I am beyond excited to bring all of you along on my journey this semester, lets make it a RAD one.