STYLE GURU BIO: Shannon Ciricillo

As an Advertising/Public Relations student at the University of Central Florida, I am someone who is just shy of being communications obsessed. I consider myself a conversation enthusiast, the type of girl you can most likely find at a cute coffee shop discussing the inner workings of my self-proclaimed creative mind. I like to think that my attention to detail and love for minimalism is what has shaped my stylistic choices. That, and my undeniable love for the color black.

Growing up in a small beach town on the wast coast of Florida, I was always surrounded by bathing suits, oversized hats and flip flops. Despite living in such a relaxed environment, I found comfort in dressing in more “formal” attire. I ditched my two-piece for a pair of sleek black jeans, a solid neutral top paired with a simple pendant necklace and slipped on my favorite brown ankle boots. My style contradicted those covered in sand and lotion, a vibe that screamed “city-chic rather than fun in the sun.”

When I moved to Orlando to attend college, I soon realized that the metropolitan environment of the town complemented my style. With skyscrapers and urban eateries to neighborhood markets and small boutiques, my city chick persona fit perfectly. Although the scalding heat still plays a dominant factor in my outfit choices, sometimes I have to suffer in the name of fashion.

I truly believe that fashion is an art form. You portray your personality through the pieces you curate and what you wear defines who you are. For me, black skinny jeans and flannels scream grunge and how I wish that my life was a ’90s rom-com (romantic comedy). When I’m feeling more sophisticated and business savvy, I reach for a simple dress and ankle wrapped heels to represent my inner #GirlBoss.  Fashion literally allows you to transform yourself, in the best way possible.

Be sure to keep up with my posts this semester. Until then, I’ll be NYC dreamin’.