STYLE GURU BIO: Shannon Callery

September 4th, 2015 at 2:00am

My name is Shannon Callery and I am an aspiring graphic designer studying Visual Communications at the University of Delaware. I am so excited to be a CollegeFashionista Style Guru for the fall semester. I cannot wait to share with you the classic yet trendy spin Fashionistas/os have put on fashion at UD.

If you are wondering where all the art students on campus are, we are locked away in the studio working tirelessly on our projects. Although art is a huge commitment, I enjoy every minute of hard work I put into my pieces. When I manage to drag myself away from my studio, I am usually feeding my mild shopping addiction at Forever 21, exercising, reading a classic, listening to music or spending time with my amazing friends.

Aside from CollegeFashionista, I am also a Campus Ambassador for Trend Tribe, an up and coming fashion jewelry company that sells affordable, bold and trendy pieces on campuses around the country. As an Ambassador, I host trunk shows with organizations around campus and market the brand to customers. Being involved in Trend Tribe and CollegeFashionista has allowed me to explore my love of fashion through research, photography, entrepreneurship and networking. In the future, I want to combine my love of art and fashion into a career. I would love to work at a fashion publication designing layouts and graphics. I would also enjoy creating advertisements for fashion brands either within the company or as an independent designer.

My personal style is feminine and classic with a twist of contemporary. I like to incorporate the latest fashion trends into my classic look by pairing timeless pieces with bolder ones. Stepping outside of my comfort zone was tricky and I was hesitant to try. So I just started trying on pieces that were a little edgier, trendier and bolder than my current wardrobe and I found items that I could not only incorporate into my existing look, but that could enhance my overall style. I also enjoy flowing, feminine hemlines with eye-catching curves that flatter my figure. A kimono is one of my favorite trending pieces that I pair with an A-line dress. To accessorize, I love incorporating faux stones, gems and mixed metals into my jewelry to give my look a naturalistic edge. I also add a pair of chic buckled faux leather sandals and a dainty layered necklace to complete the look.

I am looking forward to my semester fashion adventures as I search for Fashionistas/os on my campus. Stay tuned throughout the semester to read my articles on the latest in fashion and beauty trends! Arrivederci!