STYLE GURU BIO: Shane Grimes

January 24th, 2017 at 2:00am
STYLE GURU BIO: Shane Grimes

Hello, my fashion-loving friends! I’m back for round two with CollegeFashionista!

I’m still a junior advertising major and studio art minor at Bradley University with a love for The Legend of Zelda, Steven Universe, and Alexander McQueen. For 2017, I’ve decided to explore more of my androgynous and nerdy interests in both my personal style and my artwork. On top of being a Style Guru and a full-time college student, I also am in the process of launching my art business (the name of which is still in the works) that started with a shoe customization business my junior year of high school! It’s certainly a very exciting time. Bringing the qualities I love about creating and the primary elements of my artistic aesthetic into my personal style and wardrobe is one of my favorite things to do. That’s something I strive to showcase more this semester from Bradley’s campus, and in my own style. Expect a lot of graphic prints, geeky references, and blurring the lines of gender norms.

My personal style that was showcased last semester featured my tendency to keep things casual and simple some days, and then wear something straight out of South Korean fashion on others. Needless to say, it emphasized how my style and interests are really all over the place. For this look, I thought I would dress it up a bit more, but keep my eternal love of black clothing as the foundation.

For today’s look, I decided to go with a simple turtleneck and slacks that go with just about anything. The real stars of this outfit are the houndstooth-trimmed cardigan (that I couldn’t find on sale anymore, but I think that this is a neat alternative with a really interesting silhouette) and these booties from Chase & Chloe. Unfortunately, the shoes are only available in tan now, but I can attest to how comfortable and easy-to-wear they are. Another thing you’ll notice about me is that I’m consistently a tightwad when it comes to clothes unless I really adore something.  I’ll be featuring ways to create a solid look on a college student budget this semester as well. Anyways, I think it’s a good time to sign off for now, so keep on keeping on!