STYLE GURU BIO: Serena Palleschi

September 4th, 2015 at 2:00am

Fashionistas and Fashionistos, let me formally introduce myself (again). My name is Serena Palleschi and this will be my second semester writing for CollegeFashionista! Soon enough school will be in full swing at The University of Rhode Island and the end will be fast approaching for me as I enter my junior year. It is weird to call myself a junior, however, I am very excited for my future. Being apart of this internship only opens more and more doors for me and for that I am truly thankful! I am from one of the smallest, yet coolest, cities in the country Providence, Rhode Island. This shoot was taken at one of the many eclectic spots downtown, at the waterfront of the Providence River Greenway.

As a junior I will soon be figuring out what it is that I want to do with my life. I already do have a pretty good idea, as working at Nordstrom has helped me figure out a lot thus far. I love retail! I also love visuals and visual merchandising. This internship has also showed me that I love to write about fashion…something that I had previously never really acted on. With fashion, the opportunities are endless and I know that whatever I end up doing I will love.

Enough about me! Now about my outfit, I chose to do an everyday casual outfit. This is something I would throw on to wear to class (while the weather still allows the shorts), to grab coffee with a friend or even to run errands. There is probably nothing I love more than my Chuck Taylors. I could have a pair in every color if my paychecks allowed it. Especially when I am at school, there is no better go-to shoe than a pair of chucks. Another thing about me is that I never allow an outfit to be boring. And by boring I mean that accessorizing is a must. This Statement Necklace is pretty bold to say the least, but that is how I like it. When wearing this necklace, people have asked me where I purchased it because of it’s unique and tribal look. They are certainly surprised when I reply with, “Oh its just from Nordstrom!” Another must have are my sunglasses. There isn’t a day that I go without a pair of sunnies, rain or shine (literally). This summer I ventured out of my typical sunglasses look and got a pair of thick Black Aviator Ray-Bans and I love them!

Thank you all for reading my article, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did writing it! I am looking forward to another RAD semester shooting for the stars and living out my fashion dreams. As I’ve said before, never be afraid to live out your dreams!