STYLE GURU BIO: Savannah Ennis

September 4th, 2015 at 2:00am

My style is a direct reflection of who I am but also who I hope to become. When I buy clothes or choose outfits, I tend to choose pieces that remind me of something more. I draw inspiration from my family members, friends and places I have traveled. I like clothes that represent something personal for me. I think that style should be a really intimate thing. Style has the power to affect the way others perceive us but even more importantly the way we perceive ourselves. Clothes tell a story, and I think that style allows us to channel different aspects of our personalities. The perfect blazer can really change the way you carry yourself during a presentation just like a lucky pair of socks can really boost your confidence during an exam.

When it comes to my own style, I really try to make sure that the pieces I choose mean something to me. By attaching a story or some personal connection to my clothes I know that my style really is mine and that it really represents who I am.

The outfit I am wearing in this post is simple and casual, but it does include a lot of elements that hold a deeper meaning for me. Just looking at my denim jacket, black skinny jeans and white T-shirt, this outfit seems pretty simple. However, I accessorized with pieces that are really unique and special to me like my leopard loafers and my family ring. Little details like these can make any outfit really fun and expressive.

In my day-to-day style, I usually stick with simple colors, and I tend to shy away from bold patterns when it comes to basics. Instead, I incorporate color and pattern in my accessories and jackets. Accessories are an easy way to add some intrigue to any outfit. Luckily, accessories can also be pretty cost efficient if you know where to look. These leopard loafers were $20 dollars at an Urban Outfitters sale, but they really make this outfit. These shoes cater to both the leopard print and dyed calf hair trends that have been really prominent in both shoes and bags. Accessories like these can make a plain outfit look really styled and fun.

My style is constantly evolving, and a lot of that change is inspired by fashionable ladies and gentlemen I see every day. I’m so excited to be able to share these inspirations with the rest of you and see the different aspects of each of your personal styles.