STYLE GURU BIO: Sarika Patel

Coco Chanel once said, “everyday is a fashion show and the world is the runway.” Although it’s probably one of the biggest clichés in fashion to quote Coco herself, I find myself believing this wholeheartedly. I assume I’m not the only Fashionista who has been told that she is not going to a fashion show and therefore does not need to dress up.

Hello, fellow Fashionistas and Fashionistos. Let me introduce myself: my name is Sarika Patel and I am currently a student at the University of South Florida studying Psychology. Oh, and I don’t believe in dressing down. As Oliver Wilde said, “you can never be overdressed or overeducated.”

I’ve always seemed to be captivated by anything and everything fashion oriented. Stacks of Vogue issues tower on my nightstands and I persistently need more hangers (which I then take from my brother’s closet). My outfits seems to vary from day-to-day, but every look can be tied together and recognized as my own style, my own brand. I like to see my style as street chic. In other words, the glamor of a chic Fashionista mixed with the sleek and typically monochromatic or neutral vibe of a street style Fashionista. It’s really the best of both worlds (Hannah Montana taught me that).

Fall is my favorite season for its weather, yes, but mainly for its fashion. And this fall happens to encompass all of my favorite things. Colors like marsala, sage, golden yellows, deep blues and needless to say – black. Accessories like box clutches and designs with texture patchwork. The list goes on and I cannot wait to begin styling different looks these next few months. Here I am wearing a sage shift dress with a leather patched pocket and Valentino Rockstud heels. I’m donning a dark berry lip and simple accessories including a box clutch to add statement without overstating.

This is my second semester as a Style Guru, and I am truly excited to post articles of some exceptionally fashionable peers on my campus. Secondly, I want to showcase my style in hopes that everyone realizes my thought on the term “overdressed” does not equate to “more.” I believe in minimalistic looks with some glam. Keep an eye out for my posts this semester, and stay RAD.