Hey there, Fashionistas/os! My name is Sarah Wood and I am a Canadian student that will be attending College of the Rockies in Cranbrook, British Columbia as of September 8th, 2015. I will be taking Tourism and Recreation management for a two year course. The best thing about my school is that my classes and credits are transferable to the University of Queensland (yes, you read that right it is in Australia!). Lately, I have been spending many hours contemplating my future career goals, and for the first time I have finally found the answer. In two years, I aspire to have a career where I can use my photos, fashion sense, knowledge of trends and street-style, to encourage individuals to have fun with fashion. I one day hope I can reach my goal of being a lifestyle photojournalist because this job allows me to travel and explore all while wearing cute outfits (does it get any better?).

I am a college volleyball player for College of the Rockies and so many times fashion is not my priority, it is comfort and function. Since I play volleyball everyday and an outfit’s practicality means a lot to me, the new trend of comfort and style mix perfectly to fit my lifestyle. As seen above in my photos I am wearing a chic outfit which consists of a sleek leather jacket, comfy ripped boyfriend jeans and a fresh but hip horizontal stripe shirt. The main element that makes this outfit versatile is the runners! Nike has been a fierce competitor lately in the casual and workout business and their designs are starting to show up in street-style.

Young adults and teenagers are major persuaders in the retail industry of fashion and technology. We keep companies on their toes! They are always trying to find the newest trends that we like. I believe us Style Gurus are on the leading edge of this push for finding the next-best thing.

I would describe my style as classic and girly, but I do like to experiment with new and different trends that are seasonal and/or fashionable from runways. My style icon is YouTuber Tess Christine, her functional and girly look exudes confidence and class. Tess’s main audience tends to lean more towards people who are more fashion minded and want little tips and tricks to achieve their desired look.

I look forward to continuing my internship at CollegeFashionista and I am confident that my writing will take me places. I would like to thank CollegeFashionista for giving me this opportunity to express my love for fashion. Happy Fashion Friday (fashion everyday) fellow readers!