Hello fashion world, my name is Sarah and I am currently a junior at the University of Iowa majoring in international relations and Chinese with a certificate in international business and a minor in communications.

Now you might be asking yourself “How did a Chinese major end up on CollegeFashionista?” well, let me tell you how: from an academic standpoint, you would never guess that I, Sarah Angeline Sitz, love fashion. I doubt if my friends even know that I have this passion. (My doubts were confirmed when I told them that I was accepted for this opportunity!) It is not a well-known fact that I spend countless hours on Pinterest looking at clothes, and that I stalk my friend’s Instagrams just so I can see what outfits they were wearing. It has become more than just a hobby, and I am pleased to be able to turn it into something worth my time.

Because I have had experiences in many different countries and because the state that I live in experiences all four seasons, I have been introduced to a variety of styles and types of fashion. Not only am I shocking the people that know me the best, but I hope to impress the world of Fashionistas. This is the key to what has driven me to become a Style Guru.

I would describe my fashion style as comfortable and fun. I am obsessed with oversized sweaters, leggings and my multitude of boots. I like to incorporate hints of color here and there and I love to accessorize!

Oh and besides fashion, I love to travel. In fact, I love travelling so much that I studied abroad in Hong Kong for a semester and had an internship in Taiwan for the following summer. I was gone for roughly eight months in total! I am constantly looking at flights to other countries, just in case I end up being spontaneous enough to make that dream trip a reality. I even like to watch HGTV and pretend that I’m the one fixing my house or the one looking to buy a home. An added bonus is that Drew on the Property Brothers is attractive! Along with travelling, I love food! I cannot get enough of the Food Network channel and I have a very large collection of recipes in my ‘I Like to Pretend I’m a Chef’ board on Pinterest.

I am wearing a comfy and neutral colored cardigan with a sequin embellished top from Express, leggings, Steve Madden black combat boots and finally, to pull my outfit together, I am wearing Cezanne stud earrings with an accent gem! Mine have a yellow gem as a tribute to the University of Iowa! This outfit is perfect for the chilly weather and something that I would definitely wear on any typical weekend! Also, I tripped after the last picture was taken lol!

Here’s to a fun and fashion filled semester as the newest Style Guru from Iowa City!