Hey! What’s up? Hello Fashionista/os! My name is Sarah Rocco and if you’re reading this, it is not too late to stop. Just kidding, it is, now you have to read all about me. I am a junior at the beautiful University of South Carolina where we truly have no limits. If you would have told me three years ago I would be double majoring and minoring, I would have laughed in your face, but here I am today a marketing and human resourcing major, minoring in psychology and retailing. I’m crazy, I know. In my free time I work as a social media and content marketing manager for a small, local company, so while I might be new to the fashion blogging world, I still know a thing or two.

To be honest, as a kid I thought my denim boy-length shorts and Star Wars T-shirts paired with Velcro shoes were the epitome of fashion and at the time, that was cool with me, heck you might still rock that look. I’m a strong believer that fashion is unique to each and every person. What one person may deem #hideous might make someone else feel sexy and confident. So, while I might not cover every trend under the sun, just know I appreciate every one of you for your confidence to rock your own style, unapologetically.

My style is ever changing, sometimes I like to dress the way I’m feeling and some days I want to dress up and pretend to be someone totally different than your average working college girl. I hate trying to put a label on my style because it’s always changing, but I definitely tend to gravitate toward bohemian inspired looks. I love the basics, but I’m also not afraid to add a little bit of flare.

Currently, I am loving the sophistication of city-chic looks. After running around all week between classes and work and nannying, I want to feel put together and beautiful since I typically wear big ol’ comfy t-shirts and leggings during the work/school week. I think this look is a perfect representation of the current trends I’m loving. Adding vintage inspired accessories like these white rimmed glasses adds the perfect amount of boho, while the midi skirt and heels adds class to this chic look. It might be bold, but it sure turns heads.

Be sure to check back here every month for more style, tips and tricks straight from Gamecock Country, looking forward to a #RAD semester with yall!