STYLE GURU BIO: Sarah Richard

Welcome to my feed of all things earth-friendly and fashionable. My name is Sarah Richard and I am returning for my second semester as a member of the Style Guru team. I am studying mechanical engineering and minoring in sustainability, energy and environment at the University of Dayton. I love coffee, chocolate ice-cream and watching documentaries on Netflix. “What are some good documentary recommendations?” you ask. Good question! A few months ago I stumbled upon the documentary True Cost. By showing behind the scenes footage of where our clothes come from, it challenges us to see who and what is affected each time we come home from the mall with a whole new wardrobe.

To me fashion is not just about the passing of trends. I express who I am by the way I dress and work to have a positive impact in doing so. In my search for fashion for a cause, I have stumbled upon some awesome companies that are shaking things up in the fashion community. Whether ensuring materials being used are not causing serious harm to the environment or guaranteeing fair wages and working conditions for the garments’ creators, these companies are changing the way people think about fashion. Now, I get oh so excited rocking my ethical and eco-friendly dress knowing I’m supporting an individual or company who is working to make some positive improvements to our fast fashion-minded society. Small, individual choices have an echoing effect in your life and the lives of those around you, so never underestimate the impact your decisions have, whether positive or negative.

It is crucial to the health of our planet that we don’t see clothes as a disposable commodity understanding when you score two sweaters for the price of one, it’s a lot easier to care less about throwing one out when it starts looking a little raggedy after the second wash.

I am committed to making serious changes in my own life and I challenge you to do the same. And you won’t ever have to worry about being alone in this awesome journey, you’ve got me! The changes that you make don’t all have to happen at once. Just start with the simple things. I tend to stick to staples. I paired an organic cotton top with an older pair of green pants, doubling my wallet as an accessory and practical purse. Having simple and versatile pieces helps me stay true to my style while still being conscious of the global effects of my consumerism. I am so excited to be working with CollegeFashionista for another semester to show how fair trade and earth-friendly fashion will forever be the trendiest style on the market. Take a look at a few of my articles from the summer and stay tuned for some rad inspiration this coming semester.