Happy fall semester, Fashionistas and Fashionistos!

I’m so excited to be checking in for my second semester in a row with CollegeFashionista. I had such a great experience writing over the summer, so I knew I wanted to continue through the school year. As I have mentioned in my last Style Guru bio, I attend the Williamson College of Business at Youngstown State University in Youngstown, OH. I am a senior studying marketing management and will graduate next year in May. While I am juggling a part-time internship and Advertising Club on top of school, I’m also making a conscious effort to meet new people, network and learn about opportunities after graduation. To be honest, it sort of feels like senior year of high school all over again. Deciding what school and major you want to pursue has turned into what companies you want to work for and where you are willing to move for a job. It can surely make your head spin, but I’m going to try my best to enjoy the process.

For my senior year, I have committed myself to a 24/7 attitude in hopes of making my last year my best year. That attitude is “just do it”. Apply for a second position. Run the extra mile. Send cold e-mails to employees of companies you are interested in learning about. Meet friends for lunch or dinner even though you feel stressed about deadlines. Just say yes! College is full of opportunities and I’ve relished in them for the past three years. Of all times, now is NOT the time to stop doing that! With this attitude, I’m trying to achieve a lifestyle that continually pushes me out of my comfort zone. You never know who you will meet or when you’ll be presented with the opportunity of a lifetime. It’s happened to me many times before and I’m hoping that through hard work and persistence, a post-graduation opportunity will arise.

One of the things I love most about being a Style Guru is being conscious of my style and looking my best. You’ve probably heard the saying “look good, feel good” a million times and it’s so true. I always feel more confident and prepared when my look is pulled together. Business clothes can get boring sometimes, so it’s fun to work trends and personal style into my looks for class. My fall wardrobe is going to revolve around creams, light pinks, gray, navy blue and of course black. When the temperatures start lowering, I’m excited to layer and cozy up in sweaters. I can’t wait to share some fall outfit inspiration found on YSU’s campus with you this semester!