STYLE GURU BIO: Sara Kelliher

Hi, everyone! It’s Sara here, and I’m excited to be back for my second semester on the CollegeFashionista team! A few facts about me: I’m a sophomore at Baylor University in Waco, Texas, I’m studying apparel merchandising with a journalism minor, I’m a believer in binge watching Netflix, red lipstick, oversized T-shirts, and the thought that if you set your mind to it and work hard, anything you do can be accomplished.

Since I was a youngster, I have always affiliated myself with fashion. I admired what other people wore wherever I went. Going to the mall, to school, the movie theater, the airport , or wherever I went, I always observed how other people choose to dress. If I saw something I liked on someone else, my mind would immediately think, “Oh I like her style, I’m going to copy that.” Granted, nine times of out of 10, I would soon forget the encounter and outfit all together, but it’s the thought that counts right?

Observing what other people wear out in public is a trait that I have not escaped since growing up. I am constantly watching people, in a non-creepy way, around my college campus, looking for inspiration on what is trending or if their style has potential to be something I can copy in my own wardrobe. I like to think there is a beauty in looking up to others for style advice; essentially that is why we have a fashion industry, right? So many women and young girls look towards their friends, coworkers, and, most often, celebrities on what to buy, how to style an outfit or the new trends of the season. There is an even greater feeling when you make the realization that you, in fact, are the inspiration for someone else regarding fashion sense. Small comments on how cute your outfit look or having a friend text you frantically asking for outfit advice always give you that warm feeling inside. It gives you the reassurance that you’re actually good at what you’re doing, or at least that’s how it is for me.

Regarding my style, I have self-coined the phrase “contemporary classic” to describe my style. I make an effort to be adventurous and fashion-forward, exploring current trends while not forgetting timeless wardrobe staples. When it comes to the typical everyday style, I am not one to venture from the all too common athleisure outfit. However, when going out with good friends or family I, how my mother would say, “Church it up a bit”. Typically my “churched up” outfit consists of a pair of wedges, a pair of jeans, a trendy top and accessories to match.

Again, I am excited to be apart of the CF team again this semester. It’s going to be a good one!