STYLE GURU BIO: Sara Gharnit

September 4th, 2015 at 2:10am

I bought my camera to capture the beautiful reality that surrounds me, but clothes are more than reality. They’re bits of fabric derived from people’s (from of all walks of life) imaginations. When combined to make an outfit, they tell a story. So that’s what this girl hailing from a town called Hicksville will be doing: capturing imaginations from all around the world while making my own story, starting with Australia.

My name is Sara Gharnit and contrary to my town’s name, I am not a hick. But living in suburbia and having to live out my high school days in a Catholic school uniform has given me the desire to dress up everyday; I, ironically, do have a Catholic school skirt now, modified with a shorter hemline of course.

Now, dressing up doesn’t mean spending hours getting ready, especially for a typical college student whose day starts at 8:00 a.m. At SUNY New Paltz, just getting out of college apparel and sweatpants is hard enough. No seriously, I once had a friend change out of his dress pants into sweats directly after he finished his presentation. That’s why I treat jeans like everyone treats sweatpants, throwing them on before an early start to the day, while still looking presentable enough for the real world. After all, fashion shouldn’t be compromised for a lack of time.

I’m also a big advocate for mixing unconventional pieces, but keeping it “hipster professional,” as I call it. A term meant for all oversized glasses wearers with a liking for form and structure, while still wearing a favorite plaid button-down shirt. This fusion between vintage and quality makes the transition from the coffee shop to a night out easy, exchanging lace-up leather boots for black high heels. It’s a play between the hards and the soft that keeps me intrigued. Leather jackets are my friends, but so is lace. Why shouldn’t they mix?

With that said, let’s mix things up a bit this semester. I’ll be here, finding the fellow Fashionistas/os around the city and on campus. Can’t wait to show you all! Fashion on, my friends.