STYLE GURU BIO: Samantha Roncalli

May 27th, 2015 at 2:10am

I am a Sagittarius, which means that I’m guided by luck due to my optimistic outlook. I like to think that I’m looking for the positive aspect of any situation, and I know I’ve found it for this summer as a CollegeFashionista Style Guru. I’ve cared about fashion for as long as I can remember. My mom says I used to go everywhere with a notebook to draw pictures of dresses, fascinated by clothes more than anything.

I am confident that my intensive people watching skills have finally found their calling in the form of this project, since it’s the only thing I can think of that makes it not creepy.

My outlook is both literally and figuratively unique. The literal aspect is due to my vision. I am legally blind, thus I am not able to see details from far away, just colors and patterns. I have to be very close to a person to see their earrings or bag. I believe this forces me to appreciate the ‘big picture’ of an outfit; like a fabulous silhouette and a great pop of color.

I believe that I have a figuratively unique viewpoint since I attend such a small school with a specific style. I am an upcoming junior at Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut—a small NESCAC liberal arts school where I am majoring in Sociology. Walking out of my door every day, I am constantly impressed with the level of effort people put into their appearance, girls and boys, especially in an era when college student and sweatpants go hand in hand. This has forced me to step up my fashion game, especially after spending 13 years of my life in a private school uniform that I was depressed to let go of.

My own personal style has gone through countless makeovers. I’ve gone through every phase imaginable, finally settling back where I started in my youngest years when my mom was still picking out my outfits—classic silhouettes and a good fit. I change it up by adding my own twist thanks to my extensive amount of costume jewelry.

Attending Trinity College has definitely altered my style in the past two years. I wouldn’t consider myself overly preppy, but I most definitely have picked up on some of the trends. My outfit here is a great example of mixing my personal style with some of the flairs of a New England college. My white dress is easy and comfortable, with a flirty skirt and lace details. A great-fitting denim jacket is a must, and this mid wash is perfect to throw on over anything. I paired these two staples with my go-to summer sandals, and added some personalization with my monogrammed tote bag. I love to stack bracelets like it’s nobody’s business, as you can see. Mixing and matching some from Alex and Ani, Hermès and homemade beaded bracelets, gives the outfit interest. The two plain silver bracelets that I am wearing have been on my wrist since the day I was born. They are a family tradition that all the girls in my extended family wear. I never even count them as part of an outfit since I’ve never taken them off. Due to that, I have no problem with mixing gold and silver jewelry. I think it even adds to the ease of this casual outfit.

I don’t like to label myself to any specific style, since trends come and go, some better than others. I like to explore everything that fashion has to offer, something I am looking forward to doing with CollegeFashionista as my fantastic new platform!