STYLE GURU BIO: Samantha Roncalli

I’ve spent much of my life searching for my style. This has required going through every phase imaginable. I went from wearing UGGs and denim skirts in middle school to combat boots and studded denim in high school. However, I think over the past year, I’ve really found myself (at least fashion-wise). And, I attest this realization to the inspiration I’ve gained from walking around my campus at Trinity College.

There are certain fashion trends that kind of just go along with attending a New England college. First of all, you’re gonna want to find yourself a Barbour coat. They’re a classic, perfect for dressing up any outfit, which is exactly what I was able to do here with my favorite toggle coat.

Next, sweaters. Tons of sweaters. There’s nothing easier to throw on when you’re trying to look put-together than a sweater. I’ve been wearing this one for years, since it’s been able to alter as my style does too.

And finally, boots. When the weather gets blisteringly cold, 99.9% of the student body will break out the L.L. Bean boots. However, thanks to the weirdly warm winter we’ve been having I’ve gotten tons of use out of my new favorite booties. Plus, being only 5’2”, the heel really does do wonders.

While these things are items you’ll find it plenty of girl’s closets, I love to add a few personal touches, just to make sure I don’t get lost in a sea of the same. One of my favorite ways to do this is going back to my 8-year-old look by wearing ribbons in my ponytail. It’s a cute and subtle accessory that I think really adds a lot to an outfit, especially in the winter. And finally, adding a pair of ripped jeans to a fairly preppy outfit gives it that perfect edge.

So, in conclusion, what I’ve leaned about myself in the last few years of college is the following: preppy staples + trendy touches = my style.