STYLE GURU BIO: Samantha Holender

New year; new me. Yeah right! I’m calling BS. I know, I know, starting college is all about starting fresh, rejuvenation, yada yada yada. I’m not denying that. But, when it comes to the realm of haute couture I just don’t think rebirth is, well, a thing. I prefer to label the back-to-school wardrobe revamp as more of a slight style evolution. Excuse me if you disagree, but I’m so inclined to believe that it is virtually unfathomable to transition from a black-loving, boho-chic, minimalist to a graphic-adoring, neon-wearing, risqué Fashionista in one nights time. As if! Shout out Cher Horowitz.

So, in bracing myself for the fall semester, I obviously made one (or five) too many trips to shopping heaven. Sue me! And, although my primary purchases consisted of the usual earth tones and flouncy chiffon tops that had a more sophisticated vibe, I made a conscious effort to live on the edge and venture into unknown waters if you will. I supplemented my wardrobe with a pair of very ripped jeans and, wait for it…a bright orange dress. Gasp!

Will I pair a rocker top and high-top converse with my new pair of denim pants? Probably not. But those same bottoms coupled with my standard navy blouse, white blazer and gold extra long necklace has become my daily go-to uniform. Now, with a little more edge and a little less pep in my repertoire, I am ready to continue shaping my style.

So with my fingers crossed, I shoved my life up into a car to begin my next chapter. Oh, and by the way, by my life I mean my clothes. Truth be told, I was beginning to think that the car was Mary Poppins’ magical bag…how everything fit was beyond me.

Possible driving hazards aside, I made my way to Washington D.C. and am currently settling in as a freshman at George Washington University. I’m a Journalism and Mass Communications major with an addiction to fashion magazines and celebrity gossip. (Side note: I totally hung like every issue of Glamour up in my dorm. Oh, and if you don’t currently follow Perez Hilton on Twitter and Rachel Zoe on Instagram, then your life just isn’t complete. Get on it.)

I am counting down the days until I can share a my style secrets, jewelry obsessions, sweater weather style and a little Style Guru pixie dust with the CollegeFashionista community for my second semester as a Style Guru. Lace up your boots, embrace Lincoln Park After Dark and get ready for another RAD semester. Who knows where the streets of the city will take us.