STYLE GURU BIO: Samantha Colie

September 4th, 2015 at 2:00am

Hello fashion lovers! My name is Samantha Colie and I am an incoming freshman at Marymount Manhattan College. As a Communications Arts major with a minor in Fashion Studies, I’m so excited to start this adventure with CollegeFashionista as a Style Guru!

I am so lucky to say that I will be giving you all a front row seat to New York Fashion Week: Street Style Edition. Being a freshman in the greatest (and most fashionable) city in the world has got to be the best feeling! I feel that as the year goes on, I will grow creatively so keep an eye out for this blog. New York radiates an electric feeling no matter where you go, and it’s definitely starting to hit me.

Fashion has always been an interest of mine but I didn’t really immerse myself in it up until last summer, when I attended a pre-college course at a fashion school in New York City. I realized many things about myself that summer: who I wanted to be, that I know I needed to be in Manhattan as soon as possible and that I truly did enjoy fashion. I’ve grown up walking the streets of the city so I owe whatever fashion sense I have to the true Fashionistas in the Big Apple.

So let’s get to business: my style. This is one of the harder things to write about since I don’t feel that you can put a label on people who are truly dedicated to fashion. The true Fashionistas start the new trends and make them popular, so who are we to stay that they are a specific style? Life changes and so does fashion, so you better keep up or you’ll be spotted wearing jeans that were SO last season. One of my favorite go-to pieces has got to be my vintage denim jacket. I got it at a vintage shop last summer and fell in love with it. I sometimes think about how many other people have probably worn this jacket, what they styled with it with and who were they as people at that point in their lives. Fashion tells a story and you can even find it in a jean jacket. Another must-have for my closet are Converse. They are affordable, fashionable and comfortable! They’re a staple piece no matter what you are wearing and a must-have for current trends.

P.S. the skirt I am wearing was once in Danielle Bernstein a.k.a WeWoreWhat’s closet!

I am beyond excited and honored to have the chance to share the trends I find while experiencing the greatest city in the world. Who gets to say that they are VIP at New York City Fashion Week without even leaving their bed? I know you’re going to be pausing that Netflix episode to read my blog. Enjoy and stay Rad!