STYLE GURU BIO: Sam Yohannes

Hi Fashionistas/os, my name is Sam Yohannes and I am a second year Journalism student minoring in Politics at Ryerson University in Toronto.

I am thrilled to be back for a third semester with the CollegeFashionista team. It has been one of the most rewarding journeys I have ever embarked on, and I am grateful to have the opportunity to continue it. This position has not only taught me some things about street style photography, but it has also shown me how to approach individuals and how to maintain conversations with new people—something that would make my timid 12-year-old self tremble.

I am inspired by every person I approach on the campus streets. It is not every day that one gets the opportunity to stop interesting people on campus to chat. Whether I am interviewing someone for an AROUND TOWN, a STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK or simply taking detail shots of their outfit, I gain something from every interaction. I have discovered that one of the best feelings is coming across an individual or an outfit I love and looking forward to writing the accompanying post.

The CollegeFashionista site is, in essence, a collection of inspirations. Every day of the week, readers and Style Gurus get a glimpse into the styles and trends making appearances on campuses around the world. It showcases outstanding individuals, who, despite being students, are contributing a great deal to the fashion and arts world, in addition to their respective fields.

I personally find inspiration in various media, whether it be a film, the window display of my favourite stores or accomplished individuals (i.e. the incomparable J.Crew boss, Jenna Lyons).

My style, like many others’, has naturally evolved. I am currently exploring my ardent fascination with neutral colours and clean cuts. Before beginning university, I never took risks with my wardrobe and the idea of wearing lipstick of any kind was uncharted territory. By sifting through my past and most recent Style Guru Style posts, I have noticed that two years at Ryerson is all it took to get me out of the style rut. Now, my daily outfits feature a statement necklace, crimson lips and Chelsea boots.

Ryerson is a campus full of bright young individuals, who also possess a knack for styling daily outfits. When you are surrounded by others who make a conscious effort to dress well, it motivates you to bring your personal A game, even if it is to attend a three-hour lecture. I am a strong believer in dressing the part, whether you are studying to become a journalist, an attorney or a designer. It is certainly important to showcase your talents in your field of choice, but it also necessary to present yourself as the professional you hope to someday become.

Check out my posts from the runway that is Ryerson every Friday this semester, and don’t forget to sign up on CollegeFashionista to ‘RAD’ along on this journey with me.