STYLE GURU BIO: Sally Hickstein

I’m Sally and I am living my dream life at the moment. I attend the Fashion Institute of Technology and I study Fashion Business Management.  Being in the heart of New York City has not only changed my outlook on life, but also my sense of fashion!  I’m originally from the suburbs outside of Chicago so it is a big adjustment moving far away.  During this major transition to college, my sense of style has changed drastically.   I love living in a big city and being able to witness many different types of styles.

I’m not afraid to wear bold colors in a city that usually wears black all seven days of the week.  I love to dress in a sophisticated way, but maintain a fun and quirky side.  My favorite era for fashion would be the ’60s because women would dress for fun adventures, not just for life at home. This jet-set era allowed people to travel the world more freely and see fashion trends from other countries for the first time.  The mod appearance reflects my personal style the best.

By going to a fashion school, I believe I am on the cutting-edge of future trends, so it is up to me to personalize these looks even further.I am so delighted to share my fashion adventures with everyone and allow each person to witness the fashion trend changes in a New York minute!  I’m looking forward to having a RAD semester and I can’t wait to share it with all of you!