STYLE GURU BIO: Sakiya Duncan

STYLE GURU BIO: Sakiya Duncan

Oh, the growth I have made over the semesters as a Style Guru for CollegeFashionista. Recently I took a trip down memory lane and shocked myself. I have seen the growth in my fashion sense over the years and realized the pieces that you wear will leave lasting memories. Looking back at my first bio, I cannot believe the look I picked out for myself. I remember stepping out the door excited that I was about to start my brand.This internship gave me a new look on life, I knew I was breaking into what I wanted to do.I had so much confidence that I was dressed to slay. Confidence is key in anything you do or wear. I laugh to myself it’s surreal to think about your past and where you are now. I look at my first few articles and see how much I have grown as a writer. My word of the year is growth, after all, you can only go forward in the world.

My name is Sakiya Duncan, and I plan to let everyone know that this year. To this day I have not met anyone with my name. So when you see my name, I want everyone to know that’s me. I plan on branding myself and diving deeper in all aspects of my life. Last semester I spoke on taking more risks, but this year I plan on jumping into the deep end. Last year, I learned much about myself, I grew in myself and in my style. I will only continue to be more ambitious and make even more progress in my life.

Now onto my amazing outfit, I have always gone against the grain with seasonal colors. I don’t believe I should limit what colors I wear to winter or summer. I chose a popping mustard yellow hat and scarf to tie my look together. I tend to choose colors that make my skin color even more luminous than it already is. You can find all of my pieces at Forever 21 and yes Fashionistas, I caught all of these items on sale. I am the queen of finding a good sale, you don’t have to spend gobs of money to look good. Looking good and feeling good are what really matter at the end of the day. After all it’s not always about the clothes but the person wearing them.

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