STYLE GURU BIO: Sadaf Islamzada

January 8th, 2016 at 2:10am

Hey! Hey! My name is Sadaf Islamzada and I am a junior at George Mason University. I am super excited to do another round with CollegeFashionista and show you guys all the #RAD styles I find around my campus.

Fashion is so much fun because it is so expressive. You can wear what you want, how you want and rock it as your own unique style. Clothes, accessories and makeup are all ways to express YOU! That’s one thing I personally love about it all. There’s a story hiding in everyone’s closet.

I really enjoy the writing aspect of fashion so this internship with CollegeFashionista was the perfect match. I also love taking pictures so it all works out! I started a blog a while back that covers ranging topics, mostly revolving around fashion. I grew up in a very diverse area and with that comes a lot of different people, cultures and styles. That is one thing I learned for sure, especially from my world travels.

My outfits change with season and mood. I can go from dark and grunge one day to boho and prep another. But two things that have become my signature are the winged eyeliner and the side braid. People usually spot me from across the room because of my particular hairstyle.

That’s a little about me. Follow me on Instagram to check out some of my older looks and sneak peaks to my new articles! I look forward to working with CollegeFashionista this semester and can’t wait to meet all of the Fashionistas/os out there.