STYLE GURU BIO: Ryanne Del Val

Hello everyone! Originally I go by Celeste, but after a series of events I’d rather be referred to as Ryanne. Currently, I am attending El Paso Community College and studying Fashion Design. I plan on making it big, bigger than the city I live in, which is also known as Chuco Town. It’s the city where fashion is not found in anyone’s vocabulary. Borderland living, I’m just an average Chicana trying to represent my city and the potential of the people in it. Anything and everything that is out of the ordinary is my calling. Shoes are my friend, as well as the war paint that masks my face every morning. Road trips are life and traveling abroad is a potential goal. I want to be able to absorb as many cultures as I can and let it be my inspiration for the garments that will one day make me.

Personally, I enjoy going to school casually chic to be both comfortable and look presentable. Any other day, I like to carry a bit of fierceness in my walk, a little edge in my bag and a whole lot of attitude on my head. My idea of getting dressed is being able to fully express how I feel that day without speaking; I want for everyone to feel my vibe as soon as I walk into a room. Since I want to give you a feel of my day-to-day wear, I decided to work around my daily handbag. I was able to find almost the same colors as my bag with a shirt from Target and a duster coat that I got From AKIRA in Chicago. I was able to find a similar one from ASOS. Jeans and nude flats are from Ross because every college girl needs to “dress for less.” To go with that bargain, I picked up several plain bangle bracelets from the Jewelry Box store, but you can buy them at Walmart, as well. With that being said, I hope I can be helpful to those ladies and gents who need a little pick me up. I am thrilled to be able to be a part of the CollegeFashionista community and can’t wait to share with you the art of style that I come across everyday. One thing I can promise is nothing I do is boring, leave a little sparkle where you walk!

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