STYLE GURU BIO: Ryan Alexandra

What’s good, Fashionistas/os!

Growing up, fashion was always in the background. It wasn’t absent but at the same time, it was still at the corner of my eye. I loved wearing my mother’s jewelry and clothes from the ’90s. When America’s Next Top Model first aired on television is when my obsession began.

I went through phase with my personal style, especially in high school. I layered all the time. I would wear a bright pink polo with a black spaghetti strap tank top on top. Lord have mercy! Why??

My style took many turns and it had many hits and misses. Now as a sophomore at USF, I’m beginning to get my feet wet in the right places. I’m starting to dibble and dabble more into fashion in a more sensible way and make it my own. I follow many fashion stylists and fashion bloggers who dress the way I would. They give me inspiration for my outfits. Of course, the majority of the things they wear are expensive, but that’s where I come in.

I want to show girls, especially those in school with little to no income, that you don’t have to buy expensive things to look expensive. I constantly prove that weekly on my blog and YouTube channel. Being in college has opened up my eyes to new things such as the different way people dress. There are things I’ve seen people wear on campus that I just have no words for! They make me speechless. But that’s the purpose of fashion—that we are able to express who we are by how we dress.

Blogging for CollegeFashionista is a great opportunity to showcase what stylish people we have walking across our campus. I constantly walk pass people I wish I could stop and ask “Hey where did you get your shoes from?” But now that I’m a Style Guru, it’s my job to do so. I can’t wait! I’m so blessed to have this opportunity.