STYLE GURU BIO: Ruth Malvoison

September 2nd, 2016 at 2:00am
STYLE GURU BIO: Ruth Malvoison

Hey there! My name is Ruth, and I am so excited to start my journey as a Style Guru with CollegeFashionista. I am currently pursuing a degree in photographic technology at Daytona State College and am so excited to capture the different styles on campus. I plan to pursue other degrees as well, because I believe my mind is far too creative to be confined to just photography! I work full-time, and I started my own photography business this year. It’s been a challenge but it’s a learning experience, and I wouldn’t want it any other way. I am in the works of starting my own blog and YouTube channel so this will definitely be helpful.

For as long as I can remember, I have been into fashion but I just didn’t have the ability to express it. It all changed as soon as I got my own job and had a say in what I was wearing. I like to describe my style definitely as simple yet bold. I was always quiet and shy so I made sure that my style spoke up for me and represented how I wanted to feel- bold. I wouldn’t put myself in a box and define my style in one word. If I like it then I wear it!  This turban that I am wearing is definitely a statement piece and says, “Here I am!” It’s also a life saver for bad hair days that we simply can’t avoid! I paired this lovely, maxi boho dress with brown knee high gladiators. Even though it’s covered by the dress, you’ll get a little peek-a-boo once seated. I don’t wear jewelry so bold statement pieces like these are what I use to accessorize. I love the v-cut of the dress and the cuffed sleeves so I could push them up whenever I want in this summer heat here in Florida. This is what I call simple yet bold.

Nice meeting you all!