STYLE GURU BIO: Russia Boles

STYLE GURU BIO: Russia Boles

I’m mostly known for my big curly hair and love for fashion and fitness, but let me formally introduce myself. Hi fellow fashion lovers! I’m Russia, a freshman at SUNY Plattsburgh majoring in public relations from the city that never sleeps NYC. I’m so excited to be kicking off my first semester of college with such a credible internship that allows me to share my sense of style and writing with you all.

I do have my own lifestyle blog where I write several times every week about fashion, college, goals and even travel. But I’m so excited to start writing for CollegeFashionista to go more into depth in my fashion posts and give my own fashion tips and advice.

I’ve been asked many times how I would describe my style. This question is a very hard one for me to answer because I don’t think I really gravitate towards one style, I mostly just look for high quality nice clothes. One day you could see me in a leather jacket and black ankle boots, and the next in a Lilly dress and jacks. I don’t like having a classified style because fashion is my way of expression and it allows me to change up my look each day. I get a lot of my fashion inspiration from the people I follow on Instagram and Pinterest.

However as much as I love fashion, I’m a huge workout enthusiast, I believe it is really important to have a healthy lifestyle so that your body is able to perform at the best of its ability. Being that I love working out, I’m also into the athlesuire style. If you’ve never heard of the athlesuire, it’s pretty much workout clothes like leggings and sports bras. But with a more modernized and chic look that are pretty enough to wear around town as regular clothes as well.

I’m so excited to start writing articles monthly and I hope you guys got to learn more about me. Make sure to follow me on my social media to get updates on my new posts and let’s rock this fall semester!