STYLE GURU BIO: Rodney Miller

Hey all! My name is Rodney Miller, and I am currently a student at Salve Regina University in Newport, Rhode Island. I am studying to be a marketing major with a newly declared minor in English communications. I recently fell head-over-heels for my Media and Culture class and decided to pursue that path through communications studies.

Newport, Rhode Island is far from similar to my hometown of Watertown, Connecticut. For starters, there’s an ocean! It’s right in my school’s back yard, not kidding! There is this amazing Cliff Walk that circles three-and-a-half miles of Newport and even goes through a part of campus. This is the place that I spot the most rad of fashion on the island.

Newport is a place where people have learned to incorporate pearls and flannels into one look effortlessly. Yes, there are several Sperry Top-Sider wearers, and Vineyard Vines attire, but there are several very odd, yet unique pieces that float around the area. This is where a lot of my fashion inspiration comes from.

I love that I can play around with my relaxed boho style here in Newport and still feel like I’m not overly sticking out; Sometimes, this happens back home in Connecticut. In this look, I am wearing my favorite, most comfortable pair of high-waisted ripped jeans with a knit tank and hooded flannel tied at the waist. I am one of those people who’s absolutely freezing one second then tearing at my clothes because I’m sweating the next; It’s great. Simple solution: layers! If I happen to be cold, I’ll untie the flannel and throw it onto my arms with ease.

Clothes are not the only things I layer; I layer my jewelry too. In my mind, one can never be wearing enough jewels! My staple is my rings. I wear the same five rings day and night and never take them off. I can’t, they’re good luck! There is the vintage gold and ruby ring that was my Gram’s and four silver rings that I have accumulated from a ton of “hippie” stores over the years. “Hippie” stores, as my mom calls them, are my go to places to find unique, handcrafted jewelry. These two necklaces are from those types of stores! The maroon, long necklace is made from a clay base and a stone found in Brazil. They are totally rad! A street vendor in Salem, Massachusetts handcrafted the bracelet I am wearing with a metal clock face, leather and a ribbon for a corset looking closure.

To finish off the look and pull in the maroon color from my necklace and flannel, I threw on my comfy, “you can do anything while wearing me” Dr. Martens. Honestly, I could shop in these shoes or even climb a mountain because they are that comfortable and durable! To help bundle me up in the cold, I put on this great winter coat. And for my hair, naturally, it’s in a ninja bun.