STYLE GURU BIO: Robert Storms

Another semester is here so that means another self fulfilling bio is due too! For this post I was actually on Christmas vacation down in Florida where my parents currently live. Being that I’m down in the “dirty south,” I try to keep it a little country! Wearing the classic stripped T-shirt but keeping it somewhat fashion savvy with its extended length scallop sew. Next I’m sporting the never dying out fad of light wash blue jeans. They offer the perfect slimness for this outfit to make it seem more hip than average, especially with the sharp cuff at the foot. As we move down we come across the oh so great fresh kicks: adidas by Stan Smith. No one can ever go wrong with a cool pair of white leather tennis shoes. You can only go right! The cherry on top for my southern vacation look is my camouflage hat! Camo is actually very in right now, but with this outfit its more out of being ironic and trying to conform to the norms of the south.

Touching on some info about myself, I’m all about mixing styles, simple colors and always being able to pull off anything! I am studying interpersonal communications at Illinois State University. I used to live in the city of Chicago before transferring here. Some of my hobbies other than fashion would have to be jogging, keeping my coffee addiction stable, photography, hanging with friends, practically living at the library for school studies and plenty of junk food consumption to motivate me to keep jogging to work it off! I am so thankful to be a part of this awesome internship and letting my natural skill be shown to you all!