Like most college students, I am constantly on the go. However, the busy lifestyle helped make my move to London this summer a much easier transition. Even though it seems like I have a while to go until I have to leave, it’s daunting to think how I can squeeze in time to hit all the tourist spots, fit in all of my school work and, most importantly, get Prince Harry to fall in love with me.

Through all the busyness and my desperate attempts to garner the attention of the royal family, I use fashion as a support system. No matter how stressed I feel, a good outfit always serves as a sort of armor to help me get through my day. It’s a type of passion in which I don’t care if I’m judged for “trying too hard” or made fun of for combining weird patterns to create a masterpiece (if I do say so myself). Life is way too short to blend in and feel average; we all have to get out there and show the creativity we are gifted with!

That being said, I am now starting my search for the coolest street styles, from SoHo to Kensington to Camden to Notting Hill. If you’re cool with it, I’ll throw in a little of myself too.

In these pictures, I’m flaunting my Aerie body suit, Urban Outfitters sequin top, new favorite Primark sleeveless blazer and my go-to kate spade handbag (not the same, but very similar colors).

Stay tuned for international fashion finds and maybe a new source of inspiration from the streets of London for your own next fashion adventure. Oh, and definitely stay tuned for an update of when Prince Harry and I are planning our royal wedding!