STYLE GURU BIO: Rickeshia Cox

*Clears throat* Hello Darlings! My name is Rickeshia Cox. Currently I am studying fashion merchandising at Northern Illinois University. It is my senior year and I am extremely blessed to have had so many great opportunities come my way. I am beyond excited to begin my second semester of my senior year as a Style Guru with CollegeFashionista. It’s exciting for me to be able to give you all a glimpse of my life from the cornfields of DeKalb, Illinois and the campus of Northern Illinois University.

I have had in interest in fashion for as long as I can think of. At a very young age I was always so fascinated with playing dress up and playing in my mother’s makeup. One of my favorite activities as a child was piecing together outfits, putting on what I believed was haute couture makeup and having my own fashion show for my family and friends. This passion followed me throughout my entire grammar school and high school career. By the time I enrolled in college I had no problem deciding on a specific career interest. During my time in college I have worked on various fashion shows sponsored by Kohl’s, modeled for personal and professional photoshoots and worked on visual displays for the campus. All of which I have gained exceptional knowledge and experience from.

My sense of style pretty much changes with the days that go by. I can’t recall ever having one style in particular. It all kind of depends on my mood, the weather and a specific event. On some days I like a more urban street style look and on other days I like to wear pretty dresses and skirts. Occasionally I dress up in my idea of business casual. You never really know what you’re going to get with me. I do a lot of shopping at local thrift stores and consignment shops. One thing that I do know is that every look has to have some sort of accessory to go with it. Fun jewelry, hats or clutches can always be found in my wardrobe no matter what look I am going for that day.

I can’t wait to see what the rest of this #RAD semester holds!