STYLE GURU BIO: Rebecca Schwartz

STYLE GURU BIO: Rebecca Schwartz

Hey there fellow Fashionistas/os! My name is Rebecca Schwartz and this is my first year of being a Style Guru for CollegeFashionista. I’m super excited to be a part of this internship where I can continue my passions of writing and fashion and share that with all of you. I’m a freshman at Elon University, majoring in human service studies. With that degree, I plan to go to Occupational Therapy school and join that profession. I can’t wait to explore this new part of my life at college and see how I grow, physically, mentally and fashionably speaking.

I was born and raised in sunny Clearwater, Florida where the weather is hot, the beaches are beautiful and summer never ends. There is no concept of winter, fall or even spring in Florida; the coldest the temperature has ever been for me is 42 degrees and I almost didn’t survive. With a seemingly constant heat stroke any time I leave the house, my fashion has been strictly limited to as little clothing as possible. Flip flops are worn all year round and jeans are only worn as shorts. I actually just bought my first winter coat last month for college and cringed as I tried it on in the 90 degrees ridiculousness that is Florida.

Shopping for clothes to wear, in North Carolina, where there are four seasons has been life changing. My mom and I have had to attempt to shop in Florida for sweaters, coats, boots and other things that they don’t keep in stores here, simply because we don’t need them. It has been a challenge, but thankfully we have the internet for that. As I transition into college, not only will my lifestyle change and not only will I grow as a person, my fashion sense will evolve too.

This is my typical look for a brutally hot summer day in Florida: an off-the-shoulder top, jean shorts, strappy sandals, a fringe purse and dainty jewelry. Thank you all so much for reading my article and hope you guys will come back soon!