STYLE GURU BIO: Rebecca Nero

STYLE GURU BIO: Rebecca Nero

Hi Fashionista/os, my name is Becca Nero and welcome to my page! I am an incoming freshmen at Pasco-Hernando State College getting my associates degree for now. Next fall I plan on transferring to the University of South Florida to pursue my bachelors degree in mass communications.

When I’m not working or at school, you can probably find me reading Vogue and Elle. My love of fashion all started with my mom. She worked in fashion for most of her life before becoming a teacher. I say I got my expensive taste in fashion from her. Shopping trips to the mall were a weekly thing for us and every time we would be in the dressing room I would twirl and prance around in every outfit I tried on.

Not only is fashion a huge part of my life but I love makeup. When I’m done paying my bills I get right into the car to head to Ulta or Sephora. I have also had a love of makeup since I could learn to walk.Those were the days I used to be obsessed with wearing lipstick and a diaper, that’s it. Truthfully, I still feel the same way. I love lipstick and hate pants.

The reason why makeup and fashion have always caught my attention is because it truly is an art and can be interpreted in any way. You can combine the two and it’s a masterpiece. There is honestly no better feeling than having your makeup match your outfit and it all look like one.

I am so excited to show you all my style and what I love! I also cannot wait to see what you all have to bring to the table!