STYLE GURU BIO: Rebecca Kiefer

Well hello there curious fashion enthusiasts. It’s lovely to make your virtual acquaintance. My name is Rebecca Kiefer and I’ll be here on CollegeFashionista sharing the trials and tribulations of my ever so glamorous broke-college-girl living in the fashion capital of the world saga with you for an entire semester! Brace yourselves.

I discovered my love for fashion—or dress up as I called it then—at a very young age. Whether it was my lack of coordination with a soccer ball or the fact that you couldn’t wear combat boots while playing, I have always had an intoxication with clothing.

Back then, I conjured up this idea of myself as a fashion designer. Later, I realized this was a short-lived dream as I continued to butcher any garment that made it out of my sewing machine alive. However, I was able to incorporate one of my other passions—art—and eventually learn to intertwine the two. A lot of my friends think this is a tad outlandish, but I truly believe that fashion is a form of fine art and that we, as our own personal stylists, can express our personalities, mood and interests though our apparel.

For example, I will rarely ever wear anything bodycon or even tight because I like my clothing to be as free and spontaneous as I am. This is also why I don’t wear white. My wardrobe primarily consists of printed Mango jumpsuits, flowy bohemian style circle skirts and one too many Miley buns.

These interests will really come in handy as I embark on my sophomore year at New York University. Being in a city amongst real working adults while still in college is both extremely exciting and rather disorienting. You can easily visit the hot, new boutique to buy your retro duster, yet, feel like trash for going to your 8:00 a.m. in sweats.

So whether you dress to the nines for class every day, throw your hair up and call it a day or lie somewhere in between like me, know that you can use your style to say a lot about the beautiful and unique person you are on the inside.