STYLE GURU BIO: Reagan Latimer

September 4th, 2015 at 2:00am

Howdy Fashionistas and Fashionistos! I am back for my third semester of capturing and reporting the style goings-on at Texas A&M University. However, I am finally not alone on this campus! This semester two fellow Aggies have joined the #RADSquad and will be contributing articles to the site as well! We hope to give you an even broader spectrum of campus style.

I am beginning my senior year at this amazing school and finishing up my BBA in Marketing. I am beginning to apply for graduate schools and am keeping my fingers crossed that I’ll be lucky enough to stick around here a little longer for a Master’s in Human Resource Management. There is so much more for me to do and accomplish this year and I am ready to dive in!

This summer I had the amazing opportunity to study abroad in Europe with the marketing department of my college. Seventy-nine of my Aggie classmates, myself and two faculty members and their spouses traveled across seven countries in 28 days. There were no formal classes or lectures for us to attend at universities. Instead, we visited companies in all of the countries and learned all about how business is conducted abroad. Since it was a marketing trip, we met with many notable retailers in the fashion industry including: Harrods (London), Galeries Lafayette (Paris), Parfumerie Fragonard (France), Swarovski (Austria), and Bucherer (Switzerland).

Learning about all of these companies, touring the businesses and being exposed to all of the fashion and culture was an absolute dream! I came back with many tips and insights for fashion people traveling abroad (or just any lover of travel): 1. Eat crepes and macarons any chance you get while in France. I can promise they don’t get any better than that. 2. European travel is the perfect time to try out all of the crazy fashion trends you’ve been dreaming about. American style is so focused on looking immaculate and put together. Be effortlessly chic in Paris, regal in London, grunge in Germany and art deco in Italy. Each country and city has a different, infectious fashion personality. Sample and Explore! 3. Investing in a good trench coat is the best decision you can make. Trench coats are lightweight when it’s a little warmer, shuts out the chill when it’s cold and protects you from the inevitable drizzle in the afternoon when you don’t have an umbrella. Plus, who doesn’t want to look like a Burberry model walking along the streets in London?

Now with all of these new ideas floating around in my head, I am going to be seeing how to best blend the put together style of America with effortless ease of Europe. Like in my photos, this may mean that some days I will rock some bed head with a chic outfit and plain black pumps. This new perspective has me ready to stalk out my fashionable classmates on campus. Stay tuned for my findings!