To all you fashion lovers out there, hello (if I could insert the waving hand emoji here, I would). My name is Rachel. I am a senior at Miami University majoring in Strategic Communication, which is pretty much a fancy title for Public Relations. I am from Columbus, Ohio but my heart belongs to the city. Watch out New York, I’m coming for you! I am super stoked to be a part of the CollegeFashionista team this fall and can’t wait to show all of you the killer style found around campus.

As individuals, I think the quotes we try to live by can tell a lot about a person. When it comes to fashion and style here is one of mine:

One of the many things I love about fashion is the fact that it is what you make it: anything goes. I’m a firm believer in embracing who you are and rocking whatever makes you happy and feel confident. Fashion gives you the chance to challenge what has been done before and create something new, unique and personal for you. When defining my personal style, I will tell you now that if it’s in black, I probably have it. Although I do lean toward more grungy and edgy looks, my style is all across the board. My closet is full of some of the most random and unique pieces, most definitely because of my obsession with a good thrift store adventure.

My current clothing obsessions are hands down my leather jackets (I just can’t say no), flannels and combat boots, especially my mermaid Dr. Martens. I don’t care what season it is, summer, fall, spring or winter, my combat boots never stay in the closet.

Now go out there, push those boundaries, get creative and never be afraid to go against the status quo!