Hello, fellow fashion lovers! My name is Rachel and I am currently a junior at Seattle Pacific University studying fashion design and merchandising. I grew up on a farm in a small town about an hour south of Portland, Oregon. Fashion was never something that was super important in my family, but somehow I lucked out and got the gift of a fashionable eye! In high school I was often known as the friend who would dress everyone. My girlfriends would often shoot me a text for advice on which outfit to wear to school or an event; this is when my fashion dreams began to grow. At the time, I never imagined being able to actually go to school for something that I was so passionate about. I was so convinced that it was not a practical career path. However, I am now the happiest I’ve been and am getting to make my dreams a reality!

Moving from a small town to Seattle made for many adjustments, but I have always known that one day the city would become my home. There is just something about the energy within the city that makes me feel so alive. I’m in my element whenever I adventure downtown or visit the many different parks with incredible views of the city skyline. Also, it’s important to note that Seattle is known for extraordinary coffee, which is perfect for my partially unhealthy coffee addiction.

I would describe my personal style as edgy with a dash of chic. My current obsession is the slip dress trend that has taken over the fashion world recently. Something about the layering aspect instantly makes you look more put together when in reality you are quite possibly wearing a piece of lingerie! This trend just shows how incredibly versatile the fashion industry really is, and that is one reason why I have fallen in love with it. Trends are never stagnant and constantly keeps everyone on their toes.

These next few months are going to be full of busy days and long nights, but I am so incredibly pumped to be writing posts! Keep your eyes peeled for more from me! Lets make this semester the best one yet!