STYLE GURU BIO: Rachel Mallouk

Greetings fellow RAD Fashionistas/os, I am so excited to meet you! My name is Rachel Mallouk. I am a Junior cinema and digital media studies student at York University in Toronto, Ontario. I chose my school so I could stay close to my family and friends, and because “the six” has always felt like home to me. York U campus is located on the North end of the Toronto community, allowing a unique blend of urban fashions from the surrounding communities to take hold. I am proud to say that York U students are some of the best-dressed students in the GTA, Go Lions!

I believe it is true that every Fashionista/o’s personal style is deeply embedded in their background and experiences. Growing up, I attended schools with a mandatory uniform all the way from primary through secondary. When fashion day would roll around every month, it was a chance to finally show off my individual style (while desperately operating within the dress code of course).

Moving to Toronto has allowed me to explore any and all avenues of style, beauty and life. Toronto’s style is tied to its diverse music scene. Within every club or venue of every genre, you can find a highly stylized yet totally individual approach to fashion. This beautiful electric city has a “culturally urban” look that’s all its own and I cannot wait to share it with all of you!

My wardrobe needs to take me from class, to work, to downtown all in one day. It also needs to operate on a student budget. Toronto is one of the best places for finding trendy pieces in vintage stores. My favourite bargain-chic stops are Chosen One and Flashback (leopard print jackets can be found at their kensington market location). A must have item for all seasons and occasions is a pair of classic black booties, with a kitten or chunky heel. These shoes give you height, while remaining comfortable. They also go with just about everything, and give any simple outfit an elegant touch.

My mantra is that a single style does not define a Fashionista/o’s identity. Never stop exploring and experimenting with fashion and most importantly, never be afraid to stand out!