STYLE GURU BIO: Rachel Hersey

Hey there Fashionistas! I’m so excited to be back for my third semester as a Style Guru. Summertime in the City here we come!

The first thing to know about me: I love black. I’ve been trying to shake it up a bit with colors recently, but I always end up wearing lots and lots of NYC’s true spirit color. Anna Wintour once said that she hates head to toe black outfits, but I think they’re pretty great.

Here’s a second thing to know about me: I have never worn sweatpants in public (except for this one time that we’re going to ignore). In high school, people would wear sweats to class! I can’t even imagine doing that; I’d be so uncomfortable. I’ve heard on college campuses, students wear sweats all the time. At NYU, that’s a rarity. Our campus is “in and of the city” so I like to think we all try to dress up a little.

If you all can keep a secret, I have a confession to make and I’ve just come to terms with it myself…I’m obsessed with Brandy Melville. I’ve spent an embarrassingly large chunk of the last month shopping at their three NYC locations. Each one has a different vibe so, of course, my friend and I had to visit them all (or maybe we were just avoiding studying for finals). I tried on the overalls I’m wearing at the Fifth Ave location and I fell in love! Ever since I saw this photo of OP in black overalls, I knew I needed to get a pair. Olivia Palermo is hands down my modern-day fashion icon. All of her outfits are so tasteful and sophisticated. And let’s be real, the girl can seriously pull of a pair of overalls.

Here’s a fun fact: at my formal this year, everyone said I had better hair flow than my date #ShortHairDontCare #KillingIt

I have an amazing PR internship lined up in the city. So stay tuned this summer for all of my fun fashion adventures. See you Fashionistas on the streets!