STYLE GURU BIO: Rachael Roykovich

Hey there my fellow Fashionistas/os! It is me, Rachael Roykovich, back for my second time being a Style Guru for CollegeFashionista! For those of you just tuning into my rad page, good choice and welcome. Here is a little info about me. I am 20, well almost 21, (T-minus 16 days) but who’s counting. East Carolina University is where I call home and I am currently in my junior year studying fashion of course. The wonderfully abstract world of fashion is where I plan to immerse myself after graduation. I hope to find myself in a large European city with a Vespa racing to work every morning with a giddy grin on my face. One might say this a romanticized envision of my life after college but I’m a dreamer, and well, a romantic after all. I would love nothing more to be a stylist working for a magazine or a street style photographer scouring the streets of Paris looking for that perfect outfit.

If you couldn’t tell already, I love fashion and I love travel — probably the great two loves of my life. They go hand and hand, really, because a lot of my style is influenced by a semester I spent in Italy. The style of Europeans is immaculate and Americans could benefit from a few tips from those dashingly dressed Europeans. Italy influenced my life in more ways than I can even relay, but opened my eyes to the vast world of fashion as well as enhancing my photography skills, making me aware that I could do both and call it a job.

Though all of that sounds so grand, my life back at school is full of hobbies and studying. You can often find me wherever coffee is a brewing, knitting the night away with friends in my apartment, dancing my way to class or in a yoga pose. I am full of laughter and silliness and try to find Fashionistas who encompass this as well.

My style goes from wild and crazy to calm and collected all the way to boho chic. I love venturing over to my closet in the morning and choosing something that represents how I am feeling and letting the world see who I am. Sometimes I feel bold and wear something a little unconventional, or rather hipstereque and put on some fake glasses. Other times I may just want to be sleeping so I throw on some printed leggings and an oversized shirt and a bohemian outfit is created. Style is all about the person and what they feel comfortable and beautiful in. I hope that with styling I can help people feel confident and sexy in what they’re wearing!

I am so stoked to be coming back for another semester with CollegeFashionista! I can’t wait to tell you all about our Pirate style! I hope whomever may be reading this has a wonderful semester and an even better day! Stay tuned more fashion to come.