May 25th, 2015 at 2:00am

Hello fellow Fashionistas/os. My name is Rabab Fara (but you can call me Bobby) and I am so ecstatic to be a Style Guru for CollegeFashionista this summer 2015! I am a senior at The Art Institute of California – San Francisco where I am majoring in Fashion Marketing and Management. I plan on graduating this summer and it’s such a bittersweet feeling!

When it comes to fashion, where do I even begin? I love wardrobe styling and merchandising, but I have recently gotten into fashion journalism and I think I’ve met my match. I love writing about the latest fashion trends of the season and creating outfit grids just for fun. Because I enjoy writing about fashion, different types of styles and trends, CollegeFashionista is the perfect platform for me to express myself.

I am born and raised in California, where the fashion is very diverse. From bohemian style to preppy to punk rock, California, in my opinion, is truly one of the best places to find inspiration.

As for personal style, I like mixing it up. I would say I’m probably the most girliest tomboy out there. I enjoy mixing masculine pieces in a feminine way. My style is constantly changing, I guess you can say it just depends on my mood that day. Some days I’m feeling like sexy and sassy like Beyoncè and Victoria Beckham and other days I want to throw on some gold chains and Nikes like Kanye and 2Chains. I grab inspiration from everywhere and everything, I really like to try as many new looks as I can with a little Bobby twist, of course.

Fashion is a visual form of your personality, thoughts and believes so having the opportunity to capture the street style of other Fashionistas/os will be so refreshing and inspirational! Cheers to a fabulous season filled with great style!