STYLE GURU BIO: PreAndra Allen

Hello friends! My name is PreAndra Taylor and starting in the fall I will be a senior at Kent State University. I’ve already learned a substantial amount about fashion and myself from a mere semester with the university, but nonetheless, I cannot wait to venture back to the West Coast. I’m super excited to continue writing for CollegeFashionista for my second time and thrilled to be home again in California to discover what summer trends have to offer! After four long and dreadfully dreary months in snowy Ohio, I’m back and ready to embrace the sunshine.

I like to think my summer style greatly differs from what I would wear in other seasons. I gravitate towards spring looks with an extra hint of color. However, my favorite article will always be black; this color never goes out of season. It has been proven that black is a go-to slimming color (and that never hurts). Since summer is about the rays and beaches I always make sure to balance my black with the perfect amount of exuberant colors! Because I had the opportunity to shoot on one of the most beautiful campuses on the West Coast, I really wanted to contrast with the scenery while still being casual and playful enough to seamlessly go about my day. I paired a bright blazer with a similarly colored scarf for an effortlessly matched duo. The two pieces bounce off and play well with the subtle blue and black classic pieces. Lastly, no outfit is complete without your statement jewelry.

I am a firm believer in simplicity—no one prospers from a maxed out credit card. Over the course of this past semester I have found more inspiration within my own closet than from any magazine or website. There is an endless amount of possibilities for a recycled wardrobe! Fashion is subjective. Roll with the punches, swim with the tides and bloom with the seasons. What is the best style advice I have? “You do you.”