STYLE GURU BIO: Phoebe Vatis

Hello! My name is Phoebe and I am a freshman at Boston University where I am studying human physiology with the hopes of going to medical school. While science is my academic focus, fashion is one of my passions. I hope to abolish some of the existing stereotypes of women in the STEM field, such as the idea that women can’t be intelligent and fashionable. I strive to show that beauty and intelligence are not mutually exclusive, and where they intersect is the place where I find my balance.

I have always believed that fashion is an art form; a platform through which a person can express oneself to the world. The way I present myself is something I’ve taken very seriously, whether dressing for school or a formal occasion. As a figure skater, I am immersed in a culture that draws attention to external beauty. This has inevitably made me aware of the way I present myself. Whether to judges or strangers on the street, I feel my best and most capable when I am confident in the way I look.

Currently, I describe my style as retro prep. For the majority of my life, I have been very preppy and colorful. However, in the past year I have grown more enamored with neutral and dark colors, and have been enjoying expanding my style to include bolder choices with the intention of expressing the newer elements of my personality. I have grown to be comfortable with the concept that I can have more than one style, so I am enjoying mixing it up and branching out to try new looks. My favorite trends right now are knee-high boots, bomber jackets, and chokers. In fact, I love anything from the ’90s.

In my outfit, I am wearing Topshop black ripped jeans and a rose colored bomber jacket from Free People. The black undertones allow the jacket to stand out in contrast with the rest of the outfit. To pull it together, I paired these items with white and gold sneakers by New Balance and a Free People choker. I chose to stick to beige tones in this outfit as they works much better with my complexion than gray and silver.

I am ecstatic to see what my first semester as a Style Guru brings as I learn more about  trends on my campus and beyond!